Cute Couple

About two weeks ago I was fortunate to head up to Washington state to a little city known as Seattle. If you don't know already I have a secret love for Seattle (I guess it's not secret anymore). I love it so very much, and have a blast every time I visit, however I don't know if I could ever live there. I mean, ever time I have visited it has given me some sort of spectacular weather and this trip was no different. If I lived there I would experience the full force of clouds and weeping overcast days.  

Sun soaked and happy, Vuti, Naomi, Nancy (my assistant), and I all headed to George Town to capture some joy. Now Vuti is known to make faces of all kinds, but rarely giving a real smile for the camera. One trick that I found that got his mind off the camera and focus on smiling, was simply saying "Vuti, I want you to say Naomi," not only did he start to smile but a sparkle seemed to appear in his eyes!

This place was so awesome, it looked like a scene from WWII

Nancy was a great assistant!

This is them getting all seriose


I mean they are so cute!

You both rock!


Peter M

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR