Kirk was somebody I wanted to photography just because of how resistant he was about getting his picture taken. “I always have weird and awkward faces in all the pictures of me.” This was not the first time I had heard something like this, but these are the people I love photographing all the more…so I can prove them wrong!  

After enough convincing I brought him into my studio and sat him down. Told him a few jokes and quickly wanted him to stand up so I can give him some confidence. The fastest way I found to help people gain a little confidence is have them stand up and show them a very basic way to sand but explain what it does and why they look better when they stand that way. I show them a few pictures of their new positioned body and they quickly gain more confidence.

Your starting point or base of confidence is the most important part of the shoot, because as soon as you have that you can build on it by telling jokes and making crazy faces. This really helps them to remember that it’s not an interview or intense place to be, it’s fun and Peter’s here. Once they are confident and relaxed the shots just keep coming. After Kirk saw his pictures he said “I guess there is hope for everyone.” Thanks Kirk!