Ken and Keele Engagement!

About a month ago I received a call from a mother of a bride that was getting married. We talked a bit about the wedding, what I offered, my background etc. We had a great talk but then I never heard anything for weeks.


After awhile I had assumed they went with someone else. I had tried calling again to check in but never got a response, so I closed the book and figured I would go on. Then about a week ago I received an email from her daughter Keele Roberts “Hey Peter, my mom Sharon Roberts had contacted you about doing wedding photos for my wedding on September 8th. We (Ken Van Dyken and I) actually moved the date just recently to June 16th…” I am not the best with names I will admit that, so I just assumed, since I didn’t recognize the last name, I did not know her.


I asked if we could talk over the phone to get more info, which we did. As we were talking, me in my professional tone, and her in a very friendly manner, she said something along the lines “Yah you know my fiancé Ken right?”


I was silent for a second, “wait who is this?”


“It’s Keele Roberts from school.”


All of the sudden it hit me! I went to the same high school as Keele and I am old friends with Ken Van Dyken, but never in a thousand years did I think those two could even meet. They lived in different areas; hence my mind seemed to disconnect both people.


“Keele! Oh my goodness! How did you meet Ken?!”


I was shocked and excited, no, thrilled about the news. We just met up for coffee on Monday and did their engagement shoot. I must say these two are cute together, and it was a blast catching up!


Can’t wait for the wedding! Mainly because I will get to see the guy who saved my life as a kid...yes you Harry Van Dyken!