Gardening - Sproutage

Well the onions are here! They have done great, they stretch out reaching for the Sun everyday as it travels through the snowy sky...yes snow! The peppers I am kinda worried about, but then again not so much because that was the one vegetable I could live with out. Maybe it sensed my lack of excitement for it and just won't grow. "Why grow if your not even going to eat me Peter?" That's what it would say if dirt and seeds could talk.  

Anyway I think just a few weeks more and we can start planting them in the actual outside garden where life struggles get in the way: Slugs, birds, insects, fungus, roommates...all could hinder the growing process, so that's when the growing gets tough. But whoever made anything without a little struggles first, right? I know I have been feeling like I have been having some struggles lately. Mainly with work. I have been trying to find a voice and focus for my company. I like the idea of specialization, and being able to be approachable, like a fresh peach on a hot summer day. Bite me!


Anyway, with all that weirdness in order I think it's your regular dose of the Mondays!

Happy growing all!



This is only 4 days after planting!!!

(Above) 8 Days

(Above) A total of 13 days! Lol the left side is the peppers...ya still waiting. I think I saw something today though!

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR