Jon & Kaylin | Anniversary in the Gorge

Jon & Kaylin are our friends--and, even more so, our couple frieeends. Peter and I have both known Jon basically our whole lives, they were in each other's weddings, etc. Jon found and secured the beautiful & extremely intelligent Kaylin, and they got married the week after we did! They're both civil engineers, kicking butt together. They're leaving this week for Europe for three weeks, so, basically they're living the dream!

We love them, and we love anniversary sessions. It's pretty exciting when a couple is about to get married, and it's definitely WAY exciting when they're celebrating the beginning of their forever-adventure on their wedding day. But photographing a couple whose marriage is even a little bit lived-in and comfy, tried and true, (and clearly, as with these two, still smokin hot) is really beautiful, and usually pretty hilarious. (Which is why we loved doing the Marriage Project.) There's usually a little more coziness, misbehavior, butt-slapping, and earthy jokes. 

Jon & Kaylin wore their wedding clothes, which made it even more fun, since it's rare we get to have lots of time with a bride & groom on a wedding day. Especially in the Columbia Gorge! (Also, very impressed that they still fit so perfectly in their clothes--clearly CHEESE and pizza are less of a hallmark of their marriage than ours.)

I was laughing so hard I could barely hold the reflector for most of the time (see below), and we had some beautiful light, a dead fish (not pictured), and a typically curious praying mantis.