Chris & Audra | Lakeside Gardens Wedding

This day was just full of the kind of moments we are crazy about. Audra was probably our most actively THRILLED-to-be-getting-married bride we've ever had, and the whooping, victory dancing, spontaneous piggy-backing, etc between Chris & Audra, their wedding party, and family was a complete joy to get to photograph. 

The Lakeside Gardens was a stunning venue--especially in the pouring rain that greeted us when we first arrived! Ran around using our reflector as an umbrella, and then before any one actually arrived, it had cleared into beautiful dry skies, which it kept to for the rest of the day. 

The flower girl was asked if she could give Chris a kiss. No silent or coy refusal, but instead, a very matter-of-fact and decided, "Nope!"

The faces resulting from the "run up behind her and grab her!"

Those ABOUT TO GET MARRIED feelings.

Right after he accidentally kissed her, he turned bright red and said "Oops! Forget I did that..."

First looks are beautiful, and perfect for getting right to the reception after the ceremony--but there's still nothing like the energy/glowiness/piggy-back-rides-of-joy right after two people are for-real married. 

Done-got-hitched victory dance. 

When your brother congratulates you on getting married...

Since Chris & Audra first met at a karaoke party (both wearing wigs--apparently it was also a wig party), they had some karaoke at their wedding! Their duet was all beautiful and perfect too.

Such a good day.