Ian McAllister - FACE STUDY

Ian was one of the first guys I was privileged to photograph. Of all the people I photographed, it was probably best I started with him because of his confidence. I was still getting things figured out, new lights, new backdrop, and new concept. So the fact that Ian had some confidence really helped. It’s funny though, because if you know Ian you may not think he is the kind of guy that would do well, or feel comfortable with getting his picture taken. However when he got in front of the lens he just seemed to look relaxed and gave me some great expressions to work with. Either that or he is really good at lying and he was terrified, but I find that hard to believe.  

The most difficult part with this shoot was finding the best place for posing and lighting. He had great expressions but we had to work on poses and positioning, lucky for us he is a quick learner.