Alex + Heather | Scholls Valley Lodge Wedding

Wcholls Valley Lodge Wedding Photos Heather and Alex 142.JPG

In my experience the people that are not criers are the ones that usually cry the most at weddings. It’s like they never cry so when this much emotion comes at ‘em all at once, it just does them in. This was one of those weddings—such beautiful moments of fathers, mothers, friends, and family all crying tears of joy. As documenters we live for these moments because they can’t be staged, you simply have to be ready for them to unfold. It’s also a balancing act, because as the photographer, it’s important that we’re respectful of the situation and it makes all the difference if the couple likes you and feels comfortable around you. These moments are going to be cherished for years to come.

We got to photograph a Scholls Valley Lodge wedding last fall and it was just as beautiful this time!

Our dream weddings are just like this one. You’re more interested in having a good time on your wedding with friends and family than getting everything perfect (that includes photography). We don't want you to have to spend tons of time on formal photos, we’d rather you go and have fun and enjoy your day. Alex and Heather had a very leisurely morning of games and hanging out, and even after they were all ready and done up the fun didn't stop. They were pumped about getting married and you could feel it. Not only that, but their friends and family were so excited for them and to be a part of such an exciting time. Marriage is awesome you guys and we love it when couples celebrate the heck out of it!