John & Erin | Four Seasons Seattle

John and Erin got married at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Seattle last Saturday. And yes, that's the same day as the Women's March. If that wasn't exciting enough, while we were taking photos outside, a man walked up to the bride and groom and handed them two guitar picks and said "I'm a big fan of love." We realized after he was already gone, that he was Eddie Vedder, lead singer of Pearl Jam! Just a few minutes later and I turn and see Howie Mandel walking right past me, like, I-could-reach-out-and-touch-him close. So, of course I DID touch him on the arm and say "Howie Mandel?! Could we get a photo with you and the bride and groom?" After some hesitant modesty, he turned to the two guys that were with him (his entourage) and said matter-of-factly, "Start recording this." 

Also, shout-out to Seattle for miraculously giving us a SUNNY day in January!