Brook & Sunitha | Mt. Hood Organic Farms Wedding

If you start with Brook & Sunitha--sweet, classy, gracious, and totally low-maintenance, add the always-beautiful Mt. Hood Organic Farms, and then throw in the merging of two cultures, (and also some s'mores), you have this perfectly stunning, colorful, knock-your-socks off wedding day. This was our last double-header of the season, and with me being 8 months pregnant, we knew this would be an intense day. But every moment was so full and exciting, I barely had time to feel exhausted! This is the kind of wedding that is a photographer's dream--unique things happening one right on top of the other--constantly getting challenged and running to capture moments.

We also had the opportunity to work with a long list of great vendors-- starting out with gorgeous makeup and hair by Nicole from Powder Inc, and Whitney from Makeup by Whit (we just happened to have worked with Whitney last weekend at Mark & Jessica's wedding!). 

The group started out at the Hood River Inn, and then made the trek up to Mt. Hood Organic Farms--a little bit rag-tag, since the shuttle for transferring the bridal party broke down, but everyone managed to get up there between a last minute shuttle, the wedding coordinator, (the fantastic Shauna, from J29 Events), and Nicole's very gracious husband and daughters! I couldn't believe how calm and kind Sunitha stayed throughout the inevitable wedding-day hiccups. She was a hero all day long.

Swoon Floral Design did an incredible job on the flowers!

Brook & Sunitha live in San Francisco, and their family members are spread across the US and beyond, so it was a destination wedding for all of them. It was awesome to see how even more impactful places like Mt. Hood are to people who haven't taken them for granted for their whole lives. Mountains look much different to Floridians! I love that people choose this venue for destination weddings, because it's the perfect place to showcase Oregon's crazy-awesome beauty.

This is where it got even more amazing--Sunitha had an entirely new second look for the reception. After cocktail hour, she snuck off with a group of aunts and friends (and Nicole, who had stuck around all day, even helping us with reflectors!) and they transformed her! She changed into a stunning traditional Indian lengha, Nicole added all the glitter you could hope for, and we died and went to heaven just a little bit. 

The food was amazing, as always at Mt. Hood Organic Farms! 

And this was my favorite part of the night, and probably top-five favorite wedding moment ever: they started our their dance with a normal, sweet, traditional first dance...

And then the slow love song turned to an upbeat Bollywood song, and Brook & Sunitha charged into their choreographed Indian dance!

I've never heard so much screaming and whooping at a wedding! It was such an amazing tribute to her family, and everyone just went wild. It was the perfect energy to kick off the rest of the party!

We love being able to do sunset shots--especially at this venue! Brides and grooms are almost always more relaxed and comfortable by that point--plus Brook & Sunitha shocked us by seeming to have even more energy as it got later! 

Yet another fantastic feature! The amazing people Ninteen27 S'more Cart made incredible, hand-made desserts for everyone. Any kind of food cart is pretty amazing, let alone at a wedding, and with marshmallows. Woah.

We were thrilled to be able to photograph this whole wedding story! Mt. Hood Organic Farms alone never disappoints, and Brook & Sunitha added so much with their unique personalities.