Tim & Zoe | Tibbetts Creek Manor Wedding

The night of the crazy-rain wedding, we drove up to the Seattle area for Tim & Zoe's wedding the next day. (With the much-needed help of bizarre Christmas radio stations, the alphabet game, and Pringles). It's a miracle what a night of sleep with luxurious hotel pillows will do for ya--we woke up surprisingly ready-to-go, and survived (and enjoyed!) the whole day, despite baby-on-board!

We are continually amazed and humbled by the graciousness of the people we work with. We could completely justifiably be treated like hired hands, and it's so humbling to be trusted and treated with so much kindness and consideration! 

We've known Zoe's awesome family for years, and it was a joy to see their family, friends, and community in action--everyone worked together to make Tim & Zoe's wedding perfect, despite the absolute downpour that changed ceremony location plans, photos, and everyone's hair, just a little bit. :) Again, we love our brides who aren't afraid to get a little damp/soaked in the rain! But, good old Seattle, this wedding probably was the biggest challenge for them (the tent, flipping the ceremony spot into the reception, squeezing a whole bunch of happy people in a smaller space than expected), and for us with the photos, since it didn't just rain, it POURED for hours. We had to squeeze in photos during rare breaks later than planned, and do a lot of indoor photos. Of course, classic, once the photos and ceremony were over, it cleared up beautifully for most of the rest of the day!

But nobody complained, even a little, and the JOY was just everywhere. These two were so happy to get married, and the people that surrounded them were so happy to serve them, love them, and celebrate with them. And these bridesmaids are some of the most tight-knit, friends-til-death, weepy-hugs, party-their-hearts-out type of girls ever. We love getting to photograph that stuff. And I, for one of the first times, felt like a bona fide "emotional pregnant lady" when that + the father-daughter dance + the mother-son dance + the anniversary dance rounded out to get me completely and irreparably sobbing. Super embarrassing--but thankfully I had a camera to hide behind while I attempted to pull it together. Sheesh. But seriously, these people are the real deal, and it was an honor to witness it all.