Nick & Cati | Gray Gables Estates

He made her chocolate zucchini bread, then started sitting next to her on the bus and the rest is history. Nick and Cati go so well together. Even for their engagement session, Susannah and I felt like they had so much chemistry--we had to give them very little direction. The more we can get our couples forgetting about the camera and just "being," the better. And for Nick and Cati, they just wanted to be together. From the flower girls being the cutest thing (and taking amazing direction), to the groomsmen finding the secret hole in their pants that leads through the crotch (and needing little direction). These people were fun! And Susannah and I had a great time shooting together again. 

It was such a nice day you would have thought it was a beautiful spring day--in November! The Gray Gables Estate was stunning, and perfect for Cati's classic, ballgown vintage look.