Jeff & Bri | Columbia Edgewater

Jeff & Brianna's wedding was the perfect one to get to photograph after "maternity leave"! We loved how much personality these two had from the very beginning (way back when we booked them, before our baby was even on his way!), and the amount of joy, hilarity, and love on their wedding day was just how we love it. Brianna was just giddy to even get to see Jeff, and they just had so much fun together all day. 

We were so glad we were able to leave our little man with my mom, who lives just a few minutes away, but boy was it tough being without him! Next time I just need to pack him around on my back. :) 

The typhoon remnants were scheduled to really hit on Saturday, but, even after all the news drama, it didn't even affect the wedding much. There were a few hours of pretty intense wind (see below: iron and glass table that flew off a porch into a tree), but we still were able to take them outside for photos! And of course it didn't even phase them. We had great help from Nick, that enabled me to take all the good old pumping breaks that I needed!