Corey & Chelsea | Abernethy Center Wedding

Corey and Chelsea are basically a Disney prince & princess. They're beautiful, young at heart, head-over-heels for each other, and have impossibly thick & stunning hair like we all resent in those movies. 

Chelsea even works at Disney World, (although not as a princess, which is outrageous), and they brought in plenty of fairytale magic into their wedding day. Disney, Star Wars, COLOR, and so, so much laughing. 

The Abernethy Center is basically in our backyard in Oregon City, so it was a delight to take the short trip to Abigail's Garden to photograph their wedding. It really is a magical little oasis hidden away. You'd never know it was there, and it's absolutely beautiful.

He even gave her a Mickey Mouse cartoons book. :)

Fairytale dress--check!

A flower girl's adoration of a bride in a princess dress is a very special thing.

Some Cards Against Humanity game action while the groomsmen hung out. It was such a relaxing, perfectly-run day with plenty of time for messing around.

Both Corey and Chelsea's families were fantastic--it's awesome to see families who are so invested and celebratory about their two people marrying each other. Even Chelsea's three brothers (one of whom officiated the ceremony). 

Groom tears = gold.

These two bring out the best, goofiest, happiest sides of each other. They were a dream to photograph--they were having so much fun together, we barely even had to direct. Completely taken with each other, even during family photos. 

Dance-into-the-reception entrance, of course! Nothing less for these guys.

I don't know if we've ever seen two families that enjoyed each other so much as Corey and Chelsea's. They all got a kick out of each other, and were happy as can be to be getting related-by-marriage.

We loved all the Disney music! Everyone sang along very heartily, and it was so perfect for their wedding.

These two just enjoyed the heck out of each other and their day. Our favorite kind of wedding!