David & Lindsay | Columbia Gorge Engagement

David & Lindsay's engagement session was one of our favorites, ever. These two are cute as can be, and we can't wait to shoot their wedding this summer! Lindsay is the sweetest elementary school teacher you can imagine, and David is a outdoorsy, adventure-seeker engineer.

On a beautiful and COLD day, we all piled into their truck and headed up to the Columbia Gorge on a mission to find some waterfalls. 

Wahkeena Falls was beautiful, and hardly a hike to get to!

We stopped off at another beautiful waterfall we found pretty much on the side of the road. Oregon is pretty nuts.

Our last stop was the Vista House at Crown Point--usually pretty windy, but completely out of control for our shoot! Human kites galore. It knocked the wind out of us, and barely didn't just blow us right off the cliff. I, personally, had to cling to the shuddering pickup, but these two still managed to be more stunning than ever, and Peter (a believer and lover of wind) managed to keep ahold of the camera for a few more shots!