Benji & Jessica | Central Oregon Vineyard Wedding

Benji and Jessica are from Colorado, so we only met them on a very blurry Skype call. They already were some of the nicest people we'd ever met, and we were so excited about their very unique-sounding day. About thirty guests, no bridal party, destination wedding at a vineyard in Central Oregon. It turned out to be one of our favorite weddings, ever.

More than I love hearing peoples' love stories, I love seeing them. It's dream-come-true when we have a couple who is caught up in each other instead of caught up in how to pose correctly. Benji and Jessica's is one of the most tender, palpable, and deep loves I've ever seen. One that hits you right in the feelings and makes you go "wow. " The way that they held onto each other tight, the way they were so wrapped up in the moment, the way they couldn't stop crying, the way they were so in awe of the fact that they had been give each other. And it is an unbelievable honor to be able to witness and try to capture that.

The whole day completely floored us. The Faith, Hope, and Charity Vineyard was one of the most stunning venues we've ever gotten to photograph. The bride and groom, and every single guest and vendor, were absolutely wonderful. And God definitely out-did himself with a jaw-dropping sky that just kept getting better and better. Thunder was eerie and beautiful in the distance the whole evening (and it never turned into rain!) 

Thank you so much to the wonderful people at Faith, Hope, and Charity Vineyard! You are kind of our heroes, and you made it such an amazing experience to shoot at your venue!