Bryan & Ange | Engaged (with many hats)


Bryan is diligent, up-standing, Jesus-loving, and flat-out crazy, bizarre, and off-the-wall. He can tell you more information than you ever thought existed about ancient Chinese history, make up intricately woven stories about the great crab empire, and completely nail a Mr. Bean impression. 

And he definitely found the girl that can handle (and fall apart laughing at) all of his abundant personality. Ange is pretty much the happiest person you'll ever meet. The way she loves and serves God and people is outrageous. She doesn't take things too seriously, and she believes in smiling, no matter what.

We grew up with Bryan and Ange, who also grew up together, but they were utterly just friends until they started going out, and then it wasn't long before they knew they were the ones for each other. 

Last summer, we even got Ange to sneak up behind Bryan and smash a cream pie into his face for a video project we were working on. When he laughed, rubbed pie in her hair, and hugged her, we knew this whole thing was going to be forever.

Naturally, Bryan brought a wine box full of hats (and a beard) to the photo shoot. Which began the hands-down craziest engagement shoot we've ever done.

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR