The Marriage Project | Chris & Heidi

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Chris and Heidi got married two years ago.

Grocery stores are his favorite. He's not good at helping her choose which shirt to wear. He gets obsessed with researching things. 

She's a nurse, and loves animals possibly more than humans. She's cheerful, and impossibly easy-going. 

They're both chill people who just have fun being together. They live in their recently-bought-house only a few blocks from us, with a remodel project and one of the cutest [getting huge] puppies ever.

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what she loves about him

He asks her deep questions that challenge her spiritually. He listens when she needs to vent about something.

How outgoing he can be. He makes an effort to meet new people. She's usually uncomfortable at first, but it ends up being an awesome opportunity.

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what he loves about her

How happy she is. How much she smiles.

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who does the cooking?

Both (kind of). Cooking is tricky, because they both like to be in control. This has been solved by Heidi doing most of the cooking.

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new discoveries

She's afraid of heights. She doesn't just love animals: she'd probably rather have a relationship with just animals than people.

He's anal about cooking.

The amount of facial hair that's on the sink.

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unexpectedly awesome things about being married

How easy it is. People said the first year is crazy-hard, but they got to their one-year anniversary and said "well, that was awesome!"

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favorite date nights

The monster truck show she took him to. Staying home and making popcorn on the stove with coconut oil. Making pizza together (as long as they can agree on how to do it). Movies and wine at home, getting to really talk after only being able to tell each other things in the middle of schedule craziness.

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favorite things about being married

He loves getting to come home to her.

Having another person to live life with. A best friend that you can trust completely, and who can help you be accountable.

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surprises in marriage

Budgeting--the math doesn't add up. Where does the money go? [The government takes some of it, Taco Bell takes some of it…]

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There haven't been many problems between them, since they're pretty easy going and not easily annoyed. Biggest problem: lack of closet space. (As in, no closets in the house they moved into). And their dog likes dirty clothes.

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the hardest part of marriage

Choosing what to eat for dinner consistently.

Her making sure he always has yogurt in the fridge.

But for real: probably schedules. She works nights a few times a week, so sometimes it's hard to have downtime together.

things that have strengthened their marriage the most

Church and praying together.


favorite things to do together

Getting to have quiet evenings at home, just hanging out.

Going on walks with their dog, Knox. Exploring. Looking at houses. (He knows every on-sale house in the area, even though they're not actually looking for a house. He and Peter have a lot in common…)

Cooking together (as long as they have their assigned jobs and no one is hangry [the angriness brought on by being hungry]. 

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favorite memories

Aforementioned monster truck show. Their wedding. Going to Turkey and Germany.


good books

They read the Hunger Games together, but it didn't influence their marriage. ( I hope).

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good communication

Remember that the world doesn't revolve around you.

Listen. Be aware of what the other person needs. 

Talk things out, instead of holding them in.

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marriage advice

Listen before talking.

Pray together every day. 

Learn to be selfless--it's not about you. (Their puppy made them realize how tough that is, and how big of a change having kids will be). 

Don't focus on every thing that can or does go wrong. Don't get caught up in things that don't matter.

Instead of seeing a fault and point it out--just don't waste time on things that don't matter.

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