My Old Roommate Ben and his Wife

From spending months making a perfect ring, to countless hours constructing glowing clouds for the proposal, Ben has been showing his love towards Shayna with many acts of kindness.

Out of all the weddings I have done this was by far the strangest because I was also in it. You see Ben (the groom) is a dear friend and old roommate so we became quite close. I wanted to do his photos and Susannah my very talented Fiancé did the primary shooting and secondary shooting at spots.

In some ways the way Ben met his now wife and I met my wife to be (Susannah), is because of one phone call when I was still living in Florida. I wanted to move back to Oregon and pursue photography in my home state and needed a roommate. Good roommates were hard to come by let alone a cool guy that loves Jesus. After a few long Skype calls and phone conversations Ben convinced me to move back to Oregon and we were roommates for a little over a year.

I can confidently say Ben and I have grown so much this last year with our love for God and his people. We have a lot of growing up to do, but we are on the right track moving in the right direction! Ben is awesome and without even knowing it showed me the power of prayer and the importance of it in everyday life. There were countless talks on the porch, many glasses of wine, and lots of nights we went to Jesus for guidance doing our time as roommates.

I will genuinely miss that guy being my roommate.

You guys rock!

Peter M.