Cloud Proposal

One of my favorite parts of my job, believe it or not, is having coffee with the couples. We talk about movies, what we do for fun, wedding plans, and even how he "popped the question". Asking how they got engaged (again, believe it or not), is one of my favorite questions to ask (probably because I am a hopeless romantic at heart). 

Well, one of my close friends just got engaged. Instead of asking him how he did it, I was honored to be able to help in the process--loving my job right now! :) Ben is thoughtful, spontaneous, loving (and also occasionally nerdy). He is one of those guys that excels at Excel --real exciting stuff for us photographers. I sadly don’t know Shayna as well, but she is very sweet and funny, and I hope to have many more dinners with the both of them. 

Together they really understand the gospel and the meaning of loving one another. With Ben being my roommate --oh yeah, I forgot to mention Ben is my roommate--I get to see what his latest surprises to Shayna will be and they always are good ones. I remember one time walking with Ben and Shayna when he spontaneously scooped her up like a queen and carried her to his lime green car. It was adorable and epic. 

It's not a surprise, then, that Ben's proposal to Shanya would be nothing less then outstanding. He wanted to propose in the clouds. With a month of preparation and searching all over the internet, he found all the needed materials and made his clouds. IT'S NOT EVEN ON PINTEREST! NOTE TO LAIDES: I would consider pinning this on your boards called "epic", "romantic" and "amazing"--just saying. 

After all the material was gathered, he rounded up his family and set out on a beautiful day and found a park and put up all the clouds with lights inside. I should let you know he even got a generator so he could have electricity in the woods...BAD ASS!

He took Shayna out for dessert and on their way "home", he suggested they check out this park (in the dark). Somehow she bravely went along with it. She later said that on the walk up she thought it was weird Ben wasn’t talking much, but she never saw the proposal coming. They walked up and found one cloud suspended in midair, glowing all different colors. They walked underneath it, he reached up under the cloud, and as he started pulling the ring box out, the other clouds slowly turned on brighter and brighter until full blast--right as he got down on one knee. "Will you marry me?" 

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR