Benjamin & Rebekah | Smith Rock Anniversary

Ben & Rebekah are some of our best friends, and are the main reason Peter and I ever got married. They've been married over four years now (we even did the Marriage Project a couple years ago with them!), and in honor of their anniversary, they updated/fancied up their wedding clothes and we headed to Smith Rock! 

Ever since they've gotten married, they've gotten more and more into fitness, healthy eating, etc, (and now crossfit--in a big way), and they look like even more fantastic than the day the got married (not so common for the rest of us...cough cough). They're definitely a case of two people who make each other stronger, better, and more badass by being married to each other! 

There was a lot of uncontrollable laughing during this photoshoot--in between their super-smolders and muscles.

Behind-the-scenes "veil swooshing". :)

We couldn't get over how beautiful Smith Rock was--and how perfect the setting was for them & their awesomeness. And there's something so special and relaxed about an anniversary session--a couple has really set the tone and the comfort of their relationship, and it's such a hilarious joy to get to try to encapsulate just a little bit of their marriage into the photos!

Hayes Family | Oregon State Fair Photo Shoot

David & Kathy had the great idea of a family + anniversary shoot at the state fair! They've been married ten years, have produced some pretty fantastic and adorable kids, and were the perfect family for this shoot. They looked like a million bucks, and weren't awkward about the fact that pretty much everyone who saw them stared/pointed/took pictures in awe.

They looked straight out of a movie, and the kids even were pretty miraculously easy to photograph. 

Took a cotton candy break! 

These two were like teenagers! And the perfect couple for "go out in the middle of that crowd and then make out".