Working Your Butt Off

Photography is a saturated market, there is so many people that want to be photographers. So what do you do to stand out, to be that 7% that really makes it? What can we do to rise above the competition and be a real competition with the big shots. Well one thing I have learned, is to work work work, and when you think you are done, work some more. Because this is one thing we have control over, we cant control who chooses us for shoots, but we can control the amount of work we are out putting. Be the hardest working photographer you know. This is actually what inspires me, a lot of times I see other photographers working way harder than me so it drives me to work harder. Be creative. But lets not forget what this is, a new idea or “fresh concept” is a bundle of other ideas or concepts that you have already seen and conjoined in a different way to create something new. So look at competitor's works, learn how they do what they do and go out and make it better.
and happy shooting
Peter M.
Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR