Rain, Weddings, History, and Salem

It was 6 in the morning and I was sitting in my car going over the days timeline. Configuring shots in my head and running through the game plan. I was to start shooting the getting ready shots at 7am so I was early (customary for Peter Mahar), and debriefing myself. The couple and I had gone out the night before and scouted different areas for the pictures, but that was if there was no rain.

Now it was 6:10 and is started to drizzle, then slowly pour. I then started coming up with my second plan of attack, and started grabbing my umbrella and picturing how I could still do outside shots and prevent  the bride and groom from getting to terribly wet.

I can't express enough how much these people were my people! So much fun, dancing and singing while getting ready, making jokes, and just having a great time! It could have been thundering outside with 60 mile and hour winds and they would still would be in a great mood!

You can just tell they are adorably cute and absolutely in love with each other! Bliss.

They took on the rain with zero hesitation and I have to thank them both so much for believing in my ability and giving me full reigns! They rocked it!

This is my competition now a days ;)

I love photo booths, they are so much fun at weddings. They had a little table available for the guests to insert their pictures right into their guest book with nice warm notes to the bride and groom.

Like the Nike logo, I told everyone, "Just do it!" At this point the rain was a lot more intense but they all went with it!

I kinda adore this picture because its like "Yes it's raining and were still happy!"  True Oregonians.



Peter M.


Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR