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- Today was a great day. I revisited some of my photo roots in nature and explored some beautiful sites in the Japanese Gardens in Florida. I generally stick with people photography but today I ventured out and captured some nature.

This morning was hotter then ever. I even considered not going (with the sun being at high noon and all, and the scorching hot Florida sun). Hot or not though, I was determined to go. TODAY. Because I needed to go out and see some more of Florida.
Twenty minuets into the trip and the weather went a full 180 degrees in the opposite direction (redundancy?). Rain drops the size of cats and dogs began to fervently and without fear slam into my car. BOOMS and lights flashing in the sky as if clouds and rain had some chemistry going on, or would that be physics…idk. Anyway dramatic story short, it began to rain a lot and I was worried I would not get any pictures.
Upon my arrival to the gardens, the once pouring cats and dogs turned into a few cotton balls of kittens falling from the sky, calm, peaceful, and delicate (if I may be so bold).
The hot green tea, sushi, and of course miso soup made the walk with mosquitoes bearable. Not to mention just looking at the gardens could make anyone forget about the mosquitoes sucking the life juices right from your ear (gross thought huh?). My trip was far from uneventful. Life was teaming, and showing its face everywhere I looked. Caught some great shots and enjoyed the trip greatly. I hope these photos inspire, and bring a little warm tea to your life.
As always,
Peter M.
Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR