Matt and Sabina Married - Brownsville Oregon

Fairy Tale Weddings – I thought a thing not to exist, or at least a simple conjuring of people’s minds that could cause it to be real only in their head. To my excitement and surprise just a few days ago I was proven wrong when Sabina and Matt were married.  

She waited patiently and nervously as the music sweetly played in the open grounds. Green grass, cool sweet summer air, a gazebo with fresh flowers, and an open field of hay surrounded the cute bed and breakfast. Sabina then walked confidently to the carriage that waited to take her to the ceremony site. As the horses trotted along, much like the confident horses in Cinderella that used to be those sweet mice, Sabina was beautifully ornate and beaming with a smile. Her countenance was that of a young girl who had always dreamed of her fairy tale wedding, and here it was finally happening.


Then after they were married the bride and groom took pure white doves and released them to symbolize their families joining together, almost like Jasmine does in Aladdin.


The awesome horse carriage then took both the bride and groom away to their outdoor reception where they met all their guests, at which point the party could start. Photo booths, meat, beer, horse carriage rides, and let's not forget about the cake. Pure wedding bliss!






Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR