Light Test

Talk about some nice weather Oregon has been having! Blue sky's and winter cold, almost the perfect combination. Taking advantage of this great weather I went out to capture some light and learn a little more about it's relationship to subjects. The Frog in the beginning shows how much effect the lighting will have on a subject based on the camera angle. It affects the mood, and the over all story a photo may tell. -

Yes, photos capture moments in time, but they always can do more. They can convey a sense of warmth, comfort, joy, and even peace. They can also convey hostility, pain,  and sorrow. Photographs can also be very emotional and meaningful to you even if it's not of people. Most of this, I might argue, has to do with the lighting in a photograph. How dramatic it is, how it hits the subject, or how the color tone is captured (cold or warm).


If you learn to master lighting you can start to master the mood of an image. This is huge people! Hello, learning to control peoples emotions based off lighting? (Ok maybe not that dramatic). I am always learning about lighting and how it pertains to my subjects. I will never be perfect with it, but I can always practice and come a little closer to controlling the mood of an image. Feeling happy yet?  Well get cracking and take some warm jolly photos!



Peter M.


Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR