John & Nancy

Food is great, people are better, and photography is fantastic. Not in any particular order, but if you combine all three and are able to incorporate them somehow during one weekend, you are bound to have a good time. -

Well I did get all three this weekend. I "tested" out some new and old restaurants, trying everything from breakfast foods, to tasty savory dinner courses. All tied in with great conversations with great old friends and new ones.


I was visiting Seattle to take some pictures of some good friends of mine, John and Nancy Spears. Every time I go to Seattle I always seem to have a different experience, visiting new areas, new people, new foods, and taking pictures all the while.


John, Nancy, and I, after getting a great breakfast on Saturday, took the next few hours and had a blast goofing off and jumping up and down while we took pictures. As you can probably tell from the photos, we saw lots of different places, and had a blast while doing it. At one point I looked past John and Nancy, and found a great shot of architecture and a boat, I exclaim "Wow what a great shot!" There is a short silence until Nancy says, "But were not in the shot…"



Peter M.


Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR