In Love with Fall - Engagement Shoot

I wanna start out this post with a word I love hearing, fall! Fall, the season, is great because of the color change, the crisp cool air, the promise of thanksgiving and Christmas, and the horses that gallop through the foggy soaked pastures in the hill country of my mind. It's an interesting picture to say the lest. You know you love it too! Even the glow of the sun shifts, the morning fog sits low, and the golden tree's dance more elegantly then in spring and summer.  

Why the weird wordage, even peculiar way of explaining a season? Well I recently did an engagement shoot in the spirit of fall. It was interesting, educating, and most of all...epic! I can't help but have peculiar wordage that would only makes sense to someone who shares in my same sentiment.


I might be strange, but anyone with a sane mind would agree this is adorably cute and romantic.

One way I get couples to warm up is to have them whisper things into each others ears, they focus more on each other then the camera and we start to capture magic.

It's in my most humble opinion that some of the best pictures are when the photographer goes through the most pain, or gets the most dirty. This is not necessarily one of those pictures ;), but sometimes you have to be willing to be literally laying on the ground just to take a picture.

I have to explain this picture because, *cough,* I think it's amazing. Somehow I took the picture while throwing leaves up in the air, catching sun just right in the lens, and both of them giving an amazing smile (probably because I looked ridiculous throwing leaves with one hand and taking a picture in the other).

Yes you instantly thought of that song when you were a kid, "Lisa and Roland sitting in a tree..."


Yours Truly,

Peter M.