How did I do it?

Alright here's the deal. I did a night photo shoot recently and I got to experiment with lighting. Boy I had a blast. I wanted to have some fun with it so I thought I would ask the question, "How did I do it?". So give it your best shot, can you crack the code? How many lights/reflectors did I use? Where did I place them? What kind of setups, or settings on the camera? What kind of post work did I do to it? Be as specific and nerdy as you please. The more nerdy the comments the better. The person that is closest to my set up wins the GRAND PRIZE!! Which is actually nothing, but you get great bragging rights in my book. And you can tell all the other people who participated how stupid they are...  


So leave your thoughts and lets see if you can crack the code. Have fun with it!



Peter M.

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR