Great Spots

Sometimes we will go to the same 5 or 6 places we know everyday and never bother to venture out to find a 7th or even 8th place to visit. Most of us are content to know where our house is, the coffee shop, mall, friends house, church etc. But a lot of time we miss out on some great locations that usually end up really close to where we live. One such place that I have happened to stumble across (thanks to Hallie telling me about it) is Tree Top Park. A very local park that is just splendid. Yes I just said splendid. Its like going to a jungle, with rich foliage, exotic sounds and smells, and lets not for get the wired  Dr Zuse looking trees. Its like stepping into another realm, dimension, or world. You can even rent horses and go for a "ride". After visiting the Japanese Gardens and really enjoying myself, I thought, why not explore another place and see what its like. So that's just what I did and hope to do again soon. I am thinking Red Reef Park next, a little further but I think worth the time and drive. Lord willing I will be posting a video of Tree Top Park, seeing that I primary used video. So stay tuned.

I told some of the locals here about Tree Top Park and they had no idea what I was talking about...and they have lived here for over 20 years. So get out there, explore a little bit. So when someone asks wheres a great place to just get away and smell the roses. Just tell them, down the street two blocks, make a left, and bla bla bla (of course your directions will sound alot more inviting then mine).

Anyway cheers,

have a good one

Peter M This was like a grown up version of a tree house except it was built by itself (like not on a tree, but in the middle of trees). It gave a cool view from up above. At first I was very careful not to spook him so I could get some good shots. But then I found another one not to long after...and then another one...and another...then again...after awhile it was all I could do not to run into these guys! THEY WERE EVERYWHERE!! Its that time of year I guess. It was ironic because the area that I was in when I took this shot was called the "Butter Fly Garden". No butterfly's but sure a lot of fat spiders. This little guy jumped in my shot as I was taking some pics. So I thought I would give him a little attention since he asked so nice ;)

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR