Something you might not have known about me: I like to plant things and help them grow. Ideas and plants alike. I used to even work in a green how for two seasons, however I have never grown produce. Which is why I am writing this.  

I have plans to plan a garden of produce this year, because it sounds fun! The Internet has loads of information for the best things to grow, how to grow them, etc. However I want you, the person who has tried it and failed and/or succeeded with growing produce. So what have you gown, how did it go and any suggestions!?


I have the gardens prepped and I am thinking about growing:





*Maybe Potatoes


The more experience with these products the better. Is this a bad idea? What products should I definitely try and grow? Even if you know of good books or other resources that you found useful that would be awesome!



and happy growing this year!


Oh ya, and P.S, I plan on documenting the whole growing process, because I am nerdy like that ;)



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