First time with a real flash

As some of you know, I recently bought the new SB900 flash and in the last few days I have been testing it out. In addition I have been reading and looking at other photographers work to get a feel for how to use this very complex devise. Turns out it is no too complex, once you learn how to turn it on :) it is somewhat self explanatory. The difficult part comes with how to set it up and make the lighting look good. -

Anyway I had a blast on this night shoot, besides the fact all of us had tons of mosquitoes eating us alive. In fact, in one of the pictures of Vicky (one of the girls) she had a mosquito on her face, so I had to photo shop it out. I thought it was a piece of dirt at first but when I zoomed in you could clearly see it was a mosquito, I had a good laugh.



Peter M.


Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR