Face Study Background

It started with a Thesis: "I believe everyone can have a great picture taken of themselves, sometimes they just need a little direction." Everyone has a "good side," some are blessed with more than others but everyone has a photogenic side. It does not mean they are particularly beautiful, it just means you can still capture a great photo. Movie stars and the like are not all beautiful yet they all seem to look great on camera. Why? Because they have been coached and the photographer has taught them how to open up.  

This concept really excited me because I am fascinated with the face. Some of the images with the most impact are those depicting people looking right into the camera. To this day one of my favorite photos, is the famous National Geographic cover shot of the woman from Afghanistan. It's simple yet her face tells a whole story. You don't need a dramatic landscape, or incredible lighting, just a camera and someone with a story.


What did I do next? Well I took the idea and ran with it. I wanted to learn and study people's faces trying to capture a little essence of who they are. What makes people open up? What makes them smile? How can I find their good side ect.? In the last few weeks I have brought a few people into my studio to take their head shot. I used a simple background, simple lighting and just focused on the person; hoping, and praying that I might capture a little of who they are.


I call it the Face Study.


Photos and more are scheduled to be posted March 9th, so stay tuned!