Enjoy the little things

Some times we go go go. Rarely do we breath breath breath, and lose sight of the little things in life that can bring us great simple joys. I typically get up, push brew on the all ready coffee maker then proceed to poor it in my brick like Starbucks travel mug. Down it in a few good gulps at work and proceed to do what I do best. Never really enjoying the much loved coffee. So with this concept in mind today, I thought of making a cup of tea and thought I might spend alittle more time and enjoy the process of making it. I also thought it might be a great time to document it. The interesting thing is, by documenting it I had more time to slow down and breath and really savor that fresh cup of tea. So with that, go relax alittle, pull up a chair and wait for the water to get hot. Cheers, and happy shooting. Peter M.

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR