Double Trouble Senior Photo Shoot

I have done my fair share of senior photo shoots, but I have never done two at once. Yes, there is a first for everything. First time you ride your bike. Your first words. First steps in life. First head cold. First cut on the knee. Some are good, and others are bad. This double trouble senior photo shoot was not good. It was great! It was different in a good way and exciting.

For some of my senior photo shoots I encourage people to bring along friends to help them stay in their element and capture more of the essence of who they are. However, it turns out that Kaitlyn and Anna are both friends and they wanted to get their senior photos done at the same time. I was like, “sure why not. Sounds fun and new, and I like trying new things”.

One dilemma I was faced with was that Kaitlyn wanted more nature shots, while Anna wanted an urban setting. One park on 11th and Northrup immediately swung into my.  It is a beautiful park in the Pearl district and is very close to some other great locations. It has a big pond with grass everywhere, and it's in the middle of the city. That’s a photographers version of “one stop shopping”.

One other dilemma I had was not having an assistant to help hold diffusers, bags, reflectors, etc. So the girls were kind enough to lend me a hand when needed. Which actually turned out better then I had hoped. Getting them involved with helping out in the shoot helped them both to loosen up and start laughing here and there, while I was snapping away here and there.

So thanks girls for being such great subjects, and helpers. Great fun, and look forward to doing something very similar again. In fact, it looks like I have another double trouble senior photo shoot on the calendar already.


Peter M.

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR