Do you like sun up, or sun down?

Alright everybody. I have a harmless fun one for you all tonight. Out of these two photos (lets call them Photo A and Photo B), which do you prefer and why? They are very similar yet completely different. Please be specific with your reasons and most of all have fun ;)  

A little background on both if you are interested. Both photos were taken on the same day, photo A was at 3:30, and photo B was taken at 5:09. I was doing a casual assessment of my surroundings before my shoot at 4 when I ran into three of my friends. We walked along the promenade when I discovered this little grassy area and decided to take some test shots, and thats when I capture photo A. Almost instantly falling in love with the spot, I "created" a shot in my head that I knew I wanted to do with my 4:00. So naturally when it was getting close to sun down I took picture B.

We all have different opinions, I just am interested to know yours!




Above photo A

Right above is photo B

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR