Colin and Sara Engagement

It was a morning shoot which I tend to shy away from but this particular one seemed to work wonders. Colin suggested a few days before the beautiful Elk Rock, The Garden Of Bishop's Close. The ground was still wet from that morning dew, the clouds were slowly parting, and the warm sun started to grace us with it's presence.  

Both Colin and Sara have worked with me before so they seemed to get into position without any difficulty. They walked casually around the garden and I would send out a few pointers for when I needed them to stop, twirl, pose, look up, etc. These guys are awesome and I can hardly wait for their wedding, it's going to be awesome!


Editing these photos on Monday really brightened my day, I hope they do the same for yours!




Don't be fooled, this is not a photoshop effect. The Red and Green is from me shooting through a bush, with them being far off and the plants right against my lens, it gives a cool colorful glow.

I have a real soft spot for pure emotion. They both seem to radiate with happiness in this shot!

Colin really got the eyes down in the shot on the right.


No photo shoot would be complete without help from others. Jason you rocked it, thanks again man!

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR