Ashley and Daniel Engagement!

Using a word like adorable when describing these two would not do them justice. Warm, exciting, fun, and memorable are close, but still not fully there. It was very exciting being able to take their pictures, to say the least. We started shooting in a nature area in east Portland. I have lived in this area for years and never ventured out that far! One of the awesome perks of being a photographer; we traverse places we normally would never go out of our way to see.  

Anyway, we did our first set there, then headed down to Portland where we, “shot it up”. This is also when it got a little interesting. If you are familiar with Portland then you are familiar with the phrase “Keep Portland Weird”. Well, there is no sense in “trying” to keep it weird; because I have a feeling it stays weird all by itself.


We were taking some pictures near a Max Line and I was doing my normal, “Now put your arm around his neck, and bend your knee slightly. Fantastic! Love that! Hold it! Yes we got it.” Out of nowhere I feel someone brush by me and hand graze my butt...I freeze in place looking at the couple wide-eyed. After feeling “weird” I instantly realized, he might have just grabbed my wallet!


I frantically started grabbing my own bottom trying to feel for a wallet. Much to my surprise, my half-pound, back-pain-inducing, black wallet was still there. The fact it’s so huge might have been why he was unable to gracefully pull it out. Or the fact that Portland is weird - he might have just grazed my butt for the sake of...well you get the idea. Either way, we rocked the photo shoot!


Happy Mondays!

Peter M.


Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR