As RAW as it Gets

So I just started to use RAW again because I have the proper tools to process the files. I will admit however I was not really using it to its true potential. Until now. Last few weeks have been spent trying to speed up the editing process, and trying to go through RAW files can take even longer then usual. - I have however developed a way that is faster than before and allows me more options in post processing work. Anyway I wanted to show you the true potential RAW files have. The original I shot at a lower exposure to try and see how much correction I could make latter in RAW. As you can see by the edited version, little to no data was lost; in fact it looks pretty rad if you ask me.


Long story short, if you have been against RAW be for it now. If you have the tools I strongly recommend you use them.


Peter M.


Edited Version


RAW version

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR