Amara Zion Hayes

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Boy was she fun to photograph. The location was perfect, beautiful lighting, and great subjects. Overall, the Hayes family is a very photogenic, and a delightful presence.

It was a few Saturdays now that we did the shoot, and the day was beautiful. The thing with photographing kids is that you never know how it will go. One minute they are very happy and easy to photograph, the next…well you can fill in the rest. Anyway, the trick with that kind of photo shoot is being very precise and fast. The issue with being fast, is that you can’t always be very precise, so….ya, that causes some difficulties. However, they are the most exciting and rewarding photo shoots because when you  capture “the shot,” it is all the more satisfying.

I normally have about an hour, but depending on the kids that can very dramatically. I arrived at their humble abode and checked out the shooting location, scouted out the areas where I could shoot, and immediately formed a few shots in my head that I knew I wanted to capture. Unpacked my lights, set them up, and boom, the shoot had begun.

At first Amara seemed unsure, but after a few claiming and fun words from her dad she smiled right up. At which case is the most critical point in the photographing process, a few brief minuets of genuine joy and smiles all around. The dirty little secret is take lots of pictures, and hope one of them is GREAT, just make sure you don’t forget about your composition. It was amazing, right when my time hit the hour, Amara was done with me taking her pictures, and I was confident I snapped some good ones. Success!


Peter M.

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