Truly Inspirational Stuff

One photographer that I fallow is Chase Jarvis, and he is currently working on doing a few advertising videos for an investment firm. You can check out his other video's here, but this one was particularly interesting and too inspirational to pass up. I think we all would want to be this active, if not healthy at age 72.

In his post, Jarvis recalls, "You’ll see a few shots in the video of her snowshoeing along a snow-capped ridge. I’m buzzing over her shooting out of the helicopter. Immediately following the shots you see, a storm blew in and we had to land and pluck her from the ridge. I’ll never forget this brief moment… we set the chopper down atop the peak…”We gotta get out of here,” I belted under the roar of the rotors. I explained that we were in an emergency situation an that we needed to get out of there immediately. She gave me a wink, and asked if I could leave her up there and come pick her up in a few days time after she’d had some time to look around a bit more. She said to me, as serious as a heart attack, “I’ve got plenty of food and water and I quite like it up here…” I’ll never forget it."


And happy exploring!

Peter M.

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR