Max & Kristen | Bend, Oregon Wedding

Central Oregon Wedding 145.jpg

Max & Kristen are something special. We vibed hard with these two, even got to hang out with them at our house, and getting to photograph their wedding together was just a fantastically great day. It had so many elements that get to us about a wedding, but mostly, a whole slew of people who loved the crap out of each other, and a classy and hysterically fun party. Totally outdoor wedding, not even a tent, with china and magic sunset and mountain views at a friend’s farm.

Some of our favorite things about this day:

  1. Chemistry for DAYS. These two are made for each other, and the way they just relaxed into each other was just beautiful (and really fantastic to photograph). 

  2. Freakishly incredible FOOD. (From Cody’s Catering). Tasted like homemade, fresh as can be, family-around-the-table. Brisket and salsa and grilled peppers and plates and plates of chocolate chip cookies. I declared this the best wedding food I remember ever having, but Peter said he still remembers some notable mac ‘n cheese from a wedding before we were married, when I was on an allergy elimination diet and ate an apple while he dug into allll the cheese and fried chicken. Anyways.

  3. Best man/brother speech. We get to hear a lot of speeches at weddings, and this one was probably the most hilarious, polished, and tear-jerking all at the same time. He even mentioned that despite his brother Max following in his footsteps in several ways, we’d probably not see him bust out any Blake Shelton songs like he did at his wedding, which leads to…

  4. Max totally flooring Kristen with an honestly impressively sung rendition of Blake Shelton’s “I’ll Name the Dogs”. Cowboy hat and everything.