Christopher and Alina | Evergreen Country Club Wedding

Evergreen Country Club wedding photos117.jpg

Susannah and I have been so blessed by some of the traveling opportunities weddings have given us that I forget I would often sit around wondering how on earth I would ever get destination weddings. I would follow amazing photographers who seemed like they were going to Mexico, Hawaii, or Italy every other weekend. WHAT!? I want to do that, I would think to myself. But where does one start, how do you get destination weddings? Getting married to Susannah was a good start. ;). She was a big deal in the blogging world “back in the day,” and a lot of those people have continued to follow Susannah and I and our work. Two years ago, one such couple, Ryan and Christine, got married in Virginia at Blooming Hill Lavender Farm. Well, they know lots of people, so when they posted their wedding photos, that’s how Alina and Christopher found us.

It's always thrilling when we get the inquiries, "My friend Ryan had you guys photograph his wedding. I gushed over the photos! We're getting married in Warrenton, Virginia, June 2018." They booked us and we were so excited! But they booked us well over a year ago, and as God would have it, Susannah ended up being due with our second son too close to their wedding date to be able to go. Then in a scramble, we were trying to figure out who our second shooter might be. Let's ask someone local, we thought. And that's when we remembered Christine, whose wedding we shot just two years prior, also shoots weddings. It was perfect! She's also an awesome person and has tons of energy (which you need on wedding days) and you should think about booking her for your next wedding or engagement! 

As for the actual wedding of Christopher and Alina? It's always amazing when friends and family come together to throw the party. There is always more buy-in and truly amazing joy and celebration that happens at the wedding. They got married at the Evergreen Country Club and it was NOTHING like any Oregon Golf course we have ever seen. It has all the amazing old classic east coast charm you would hope for.

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR