Joe & Patricia | Portland, Oregon Wedding

Portland Oregon Wedding .jpg

Our first wedding back in the saddle together since our Obie was born! We had so much fun even getting to hang out with each other all day, and this was such a perfect wedding to start our season shooting together.

Joe & Patricia are a pretty much verifiably a prince & princess. Gorgeous, nice to everyone, fairy-tale-style in love. This whole day was KILLER and would make even a wedding hater into a believer. 

We are total suckers for community-created weddings. Patricia's bridal party & family (six siblings!), bathroom-hogging-brothers included, all got ready at her parents beautiful home in Portland, and the guys were just a couple houses down at Joe & Patricia's house! DREAM. When we arrived, her sisters were finishing the cupcakes, her parents were making sandwiches (not just any sandwiches though--baguette & basil were involved which made us completely love & trust them from there on out), everyone was pitching in but somehow in a happy and unstressed way. The love in both of their families was really an honor to witness, and the kind that makes us so excited to get watch our own kids grow up. 

Their beautiful and hot-hot ceremony was held at St Agatha Catholic Church  in southeast Portland--complete with vigorous bell-ringing. Their reception was jaw-droppingly perfect at Joe's parents' home. A total dream of a garden wedding. 

One of our favorite things (that we've never seen at a wedding before!) was the coffee cart! Intentional Espresso was set up for the reception and holy COW that was great coffee. Way more exciting to me than an open bar--a stellar iced latte after working all day in the heat? Literally almost nothing better. We hope this catches on for more weddings--such a unique thing to add to the day, plus we're just personal fans of drinking great coffee on the job.