Daniel & Sarah | The Old Church, Portland

DS Wedding_480.jpg

We shoot all kinds of weddings, and we love how every couple brings their own unique spin to their day. Daniel & Sarah decided to go bridal-party-free and thought it would be fun to even get ready together! They had a very leisurely morning, getting coffee and going to their park bench over in Beaverton where they had their first date, and where he later proposed.  

It was such an intimate wedding and incredibly low-stress, in the very beautiful Old Church in downtown Portland. There was so much amazing emotion and pure joy, but one of my favorite moments had to have been right after the ceremony. Their crazy embrace in the hallway right after they walked down the aisle, and them both in pure-bliss-shock in their private room (checking their pulses and the "wow, I just married my best friend" feelings). 

Great second-shooting & assisting from Ben!