Jacob & Alyson | Sammamish, WA Backyard Wedding

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One of my dreams is to be able to have my kids' weddings at our home (if they want). We get to see a lot of weddings, and there is something very intimate and way more personal about backyard weddings. No matter what could go wrong, rain or shine, it all doesn't matter as much as family and being together for a party. Kinda a "Father the Bride" meets "About Time" wedding. If you have not seen "About Time," go do it right now, it made my wife weep and want to have babies.

We have actually known the Kreutzer family most of our lives. They moved to the Seattle area a few years back and now all their kids are growing up. This is their third kid to get married within almost one year! Zoe and Tim were first, and then Lexi and Steven a week before Jacob and Alyson' got married! 

If there was one family you would want to be a part of, I think most people, would choose the Kreutzer's. In the midst of trials and being crazy busy, love and respect oozes out of everyone for each other and those around them. Crazy hospitable, EVEN when two of their kids get married in one week and one of them at their own home. Susannah and I can't thank you enough for letting us be a small part of these amazing days! Blessings to you and your family! 

I had to leave early because of another wedding the next day in Oregon, so Emma Kreutzer's snapped those last two for me! We hate not capturing the whole story, so thank you! 

Peter Mahar - Destination Wedding Photographer - Portland OR