Caleb & Shannon | Mt. Hood Ski Bowl Wedding

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A totally new venue for us, Mt. Hood Ski Bowl! As soon as Shannon and Caleb mentioned coming down the alpine slides after their ceremony at their consultation, we were hooked. We loved how up-for-anything these two were, despite stuff like Shannon's dress literally collecting small logs as we hiked around for their couples' photos. 

This was such a stunning and new & different wedding location--the view from the top of the hill was breathtaking, and all of the guests got to either come down the ski lift or the huge slide to get to the bottom for the reception. (For photo-taking purposes, Peter took the slide, and I took the ski lift, and we both had a blast!)

Yet another referred-by-a-past-couple wedding, and we got to see our old pals from last year, Sean & Tate! Sean even officiated the wedding, like a total pro.

 The Essentials provided incredible music that kept the partying going 'til late-late, and they even gave the begged-for encore.