Alex & Danielle | Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden Wedding

Alex & Danielle, all the way from New York, were totally amazing to work with for the whole meeting, planning, and GETTING HITCHED process. Finally hanging out with them on their wedding day was a blast, and Danielle's completely uncontrollable smiles were infectious and so much fun to capture. Alex is one of the most out-of-the-box grooms we've photographed (note the money-throwing shots), and even enjoyed a little Pokemon Go on the side.*

Danielle did her getting-ready at the home she grew up in (fantastic MUAH and comedy by Lindsey at Powder Inc!). We loved these parents-of-the-bride too--totally fun, always laughing, and celebrating their 33rd anniversary that day!

Their ceremony was held at an unconventional spot at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden--stunning, even without any blooming rhododendrons. Plenty of ducks and geese to chase, and Danielle completely rocked her beautiful dress--we're always thrilled when a bride "lives in" her wedding dress. Even if that means it gets a little muddy. :)

*yes, we are now obsessed too, accidentally.