Kevin & Vanessa | Seattle Four Seasons Hotel Wedding

Kevin & Vanessa wrapped up our official wedding season! And what a wedding to end on. One of the most intense shooting days: several beautiful locations, very moody Seattle weather, and a roaring reception 'til 1am.

We got to have a short weekend exploring a little bit of Seattle with friends, (the "exploring" was mostly eating food in various places) before Saturday, at which point the beautiful sunny kind of fall weather transitioned neatly into the stormy, rainy, windy kind of fall weather. It made the day extra-challenging, but everyone was up for it, and we had a great time shooting with the crazy wind.

Kevin is a classy, solid man's man--(also we think he looks like a young George Clooney, especially with that smokin' tuxedo), and Vanessa is wildly proficient at yoga, coffee, and loving the people around her. Kevin first got to know Vanessa through her brother Mario (his best friend), and they've been together for 9 years! Their bridal party was just their siblings--the people who they are actually closest to. Their entire family was abundant and truly committed to them (and to tireless dance moves--even her sister with a broken leg!).

They really planned an incredible, bursting-with-meaning-and-emotion kind of day. The ceremony was at St. Ignatius Chapel, with beautiful singing and readings, and we went back to the stunning Four Seasons downtown for the reception--string quartet, city-lights view, full bar, three-course dinner, tear-jerking speeches, live band, and rigorous dancing.

Those are her legs (and fabulous Nikes). Told you she was crazy good at yoga!

The sky cleared beautifully during the ceremony, and lasted just long enough for us to squeeze in some photos in downtown Seattle. We've always wanted to take a bride and groom to Pike's Place, and this time it was in walking distance of the reception!

Cities always make for chaotic, exciting, and energetic bride & groom portraits--they were such a striking couple together, and everyone was cheering and congratulating them. There's nothing quite like the energy of just-married happiness. 

Kevin & Vanessa totally made a group of strangers' day when they sprinted to photo bomb their group photo. The wind took a lot of liberties with Vanessa's veil (there was a lot of mid-air retrieval), and we got rained out at the end, but wow, it was fun.

Vanessa's brother made this clay Space Needle for them!

Kevin secretly hired a band to show up briefly for the reception as a gift to Vanessa's dad. They came in playing "The Saints Go Marching In" and then stayed to play some for the dancing. We rarely see a live band, and these guys were great.

Such a crazy day made for less posed pictures and more madly-trying-to-document-everything as it unfolded. Our favorite kind of wedding.