Jonathan & Megan | Denver, Colorado Wedding

Meagan Upload67.jpg

Our job is unbelievably the best. We got to fly down to Denver, Colorado (our first-time-ever flying together for a wedding!) for a wedding that turned out to be one of our favorites. Not only was it a destination wedding, but it was for one of the most down-to-earth, half-Italian, just-plain-amazing families ever. 

When we weren't taking pictures, trying desperately to stay hydrated (never happened--Colorado's crazy), or downing Nyquil and vitamin C to fight our colds,  we had a great time relaxing with the Pitrones. Poker, McDonalds milkshakes, Italian anise cookies, spaghetti & meatballs, and pretty much every kind of amazing breakfast food at Joe's famous Sunday breakfast. 

We were so encouraged and inspired by good conversations with the best kind of people (who believe in wine and food and talking about real stuff). 

They had a great schedule for their wedding day, and it gave us plenty of time for pictures before the ceremony--it was a blast getting creative in the stunning Brown Palace Hotel in downtown Denver. 

Meagan Upload5.jpg

Her dad sent her the "marriage is what brings us" Princess Bride clip. 

Her dress, which was incredible, was the barely-altered dress that belonged to Megan's grandma. 

Megan was such a great sport (in super-high, blue heels) with rocking her bridal portraits. The hotel was just amazing for pictures.

Her two boys, possibly the cutest of all time, were so much fun to get pictures of, in between them pretending to be secret agents, and playing hide-and-go-seek in every possible place.

Her bodyguards (brothers) protecting her from the thug (her dad)...

The above-and-beyond doorman even brought out coats for the bridesmaids when we out in outrageously cold weather. 

Walking-down-the-aisle selfie. :)

She has some of the greatest (and Italian) grandparents ever. We loved getting to know them and hearing their advice after sixty-four years of marriage.

One of Joe's best friends has a bond with his mom because they share hatred for the Denver Broncos...

Such a beautiful day with a bunch of people who really love each other. It was such an honor to get to be a part it!